Cutter rosa para papel y cartón

Cutters For Cutting Cardboard

A selection of the most suitable cutters for cutting cardboard

Marcaje del cartón

Parts Marking

Your indispensable allies: rules, squads and transporters

Cola y pegamentos para cartón


Adhesives and glues for bonding cardboard to various materials

Base con retícula para cortar con el cutter

Self-healing Cutting Bases

Self-healing cutting bases are perfect for cutting with the cutter

Tijeras para cortar cartón

Cardboard Scissors

Scissors and other tools that are perfect for cutting gray and corrugated cardboard

Cartón gris

Gray Cardboard

Gray cardboard sheets of different thickness, absolutely essential

Cinta engomada para cartonaje

Gummed Tapes

Kraft tapes and adhesive tapes very useful for cardboard

Papel decorado

Decorated Paper

Give your cardboard creations the magic touch by covering them with decorated paper

Papel decorado doblado con una plegadera

Folding Tools

These practical tools will be your best allies for folding paper

Cartulinas de diversos colores


An alternative to decorated paper to finish your cartonnage creations

Adornos para cartonaje


Corners, frames, hinges, grommets and accessories for your cardboard work

Cintas decorativas para scrapbook y cartonaje

Decorative Ribbons

Printed and colored ribbons for scrapbook and cardboard

Libro encuadernado a mano


Essential accessories to bind your own books and notebooks

Varias cajas de cartón apiladas

Cardboard boxes

All kinds of boxes to make easy cardboard crafts

Materiales de scrapbooking


Papers, ribbons and all kinds of accessories for you to enjoy scrapbooking

Pinturas para cartonaje y manualidades


A selection of paints suitable for making cardboard creations

Un rollo de cartón corrugado

Corrugated Cardboard

Rolls and sheets of corrugated cardboard for your most original creations

My selection of tools and materials for cartonnage

In this section you will find a personal selection of some basic cardboard tools and materials that will give you the best result.

I have divided my selection into four areas:

  1. Cutting tools
  2. Measuring and marking tools
  3. Adherent products
  4. Cartonnage books

1. Cutting tools

Breman alfombrilla de corte de precisión alfombrilla de corte Mat es la perfecta Junta

A cutting mat is highly recommended for cutting with a cutter. This base is a good product, with reticles on one side that will help you work with precision.

It can be used on both sides, although on the other it does not have reticles. It has a suitable size for most cardboard projects that I propose. Strong and durable.

Breman Precision Self Healing Cutting Mat

WORKLION Tapete de corte de PVC autorreparable de 22,8 x 30,5 cm, tabla de cortar giratoria de doble…

A little smaller and cheaper than the previous one, making it easier to store. It is adequate in size for the simplest projects, although for others it may be a bit small.

Like the previous model, it includes reticles on one side and two useful surfaces in green and black. It has a high resistance to cuts from the cutter.


Zwilling 41300131 Twin – Tijeras de Cocina

Zwilling scissors are famous for their durability. Many people buy them to use in the kitchen, but in fact they are used for almost anything. They cut really really well.

They cost a little more than conventional scissors, but their quality is worth it. Over time it is possible that small spots appear on the metal, without affecting the quality of the cut.

Zwilling 41300131 Twin L Household Scissors

Fiskars 175800-1002 – Tijera (Negro, Naranja, 20,3 cm)

Fiskar scissors are of excellent quality. They are built in Finland with very good materials.

This model has a slightly blunt tip to avoid accidents.

Includes a sharpener and even a thread trimmer and bottle opener.

The blades can be easily removed for use as a knife or cutter.

Fiskars 175800-1002 Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors, 8 Inch, Black

X-Acto XZ3601 – Cuchilla con tappo

X-Acto is a precision knife with number 11 fine point blade for exact cuts. It is very comfortable to use, and the edge of the blade is very resistant.

It has a sharp and durable zirconium nitride coated blade, and the value for money is excellent.

It easily cuts paper, fabric, thin metal, and plastic.

You will not regret this purchase.

X-Acto #1 Precision Knife

KUTIR – Cuchillo retráctil de aleación de zinc para carpas, cuerdas, mango de cartón cómodo,…

It cuts wonderfully. The blades are very sharp and sturdy, and you will have no problem cutting slightly thick sheets of gray cardboard.

Bring five spare blades that you can easily change.

Its metal structure gives it great robustness, while it is very comfortable and pleasant to use.

And not least, it’s not so expensive, so you will not regret buying it.

KUTIR Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife

2. Measuring and marking tools

Vinca acero inoxidable regla con antideslizante Base de corcho

A metal ruler is indispensable for cutting straight pieces of cardboard with a cutter. 

This ruler is very solid and has a stainless steel edge for long lasting use.

It has a non-slip material at the base so that it does not move when making the cut.

VINCA SSRN-15 Stainless Steel Office Drawing Ruler 0-15 Inch

Helix 32046 – Regla de seguridad de metal, 30 cm

A 12 inch aluminum ruler will do very well to measure, since the bigger rulers are a bit cumbersome for that. This ruler is of good quality, and has a non-slip material so that it does not move when making the cut.

Be aware when using a cutter that you can easily shave slivers off the ruler when trying to follow a sharp line. 

Helix Metal Safety Ruler, 12 inch

wolfcraft Escuadra universal, 5205000, Para medir, trazar, dibujar y hacer cortes guiados

It is such a complete tool that you don’t know how you could manage it when you didn’t have it.

Includes protractor, circle template and removable stop.

It has many possibilities, and it is also very well built.

In summary, a highly recommended purchase.

Escuadra Wolfcrat de metal

Aristo AR1512/5 – Transportador de ángulos circular (360°)

Occasionally you will need a protractor to make angles for certain projects.

This circular protractor is a little more expensive than the most common ones that can be found in any stationery store.

However, it has a professional quality that will make it last for many years.

Be sure to have an angle protractor between your cardboard tools.

Transportador circular Aristo

Staedtler NORIS CLUB 550 01, compás escolar de precisión con rueda de ajuste, Color Plateado

A compass will be very useful for drawing circles and for making some geometric figures, such as hexagons and octagons, which you will eventually use in some advanced cardboard projects.

Staedler products tend to work very well at a reasonable price.

It is a product designed for school use rather than professional. But considering that you will only use it once in a while, I think that with this model you will have more than enough.

Compás escolar Staedtler

3. Adherent products

Dremel 930 Pistola de pegamento caliente 105-165°C – Pistola de pegamento de doble temperatura con…

A highly recommended product for gluing cardboard. The white glue sticks very well, but it has the disadvantage that you have to wait long for it to dry. With this gun, instead, you will glue the cardboard on the spot.

It will be very useful for any of the many crafts that I propose on my blog (for example, sticking stickers or decorating rings for dream catchers).

It has a selector for two temperatures, the glue does not drip and heats up quickly. Includes some test bars (transparent and colored)

Pistola de silicona claiente Dremel 930

Bote Giotto Vinilik Cola Blanca 250 G

White glue works very well for gluing cardboard and paper, but it has the disadvantage that it takes time to dry well.

However, diluted in water it is an indispensable product to perform some special techniques.

This particular brand will give you very good results.

You can choose the 250 g package or the 1 kg package.

Cola blanca Giotto

tesa 57171-00000-03 57171-00000-03-Cinta de Embalaje de PVC Serie 4120-66m x 50mm Transparente,…

Adhesive tape can help you quickly make joints in simple cardboard projects, such as those you do with children.

It is also useful for temporarily holding parts still.

All Tesa brand tapes are usually of good quality.

Cinta transparente Tesa de 50 mm

4. Cartonnage books

El Gran Libro Del Papel y el Cartón

An excellent book that explains the basic principles of cardboard.

He has many beautiful projects: boxes, albums, candy boxes, sewing boxes, chests and much more, in the refined style characteristic of the French cardboard school.

Everything is made with exquisite technique, and it comes with many photos and very detailed instructions.

100% recommended, although if you are a beginner it will cost you to do some of the projects.

Portada de El gran libro del papel y cartón

Hennessey, J: Nomadic Furniture: D-I-Y Projects that are Lig

Book in English. A classic from the 70s, which is about how you can create your own furniture using recycled materials.

Although it does not deal only with cardboard objects, it will give you great ideas and teach you some basic principles that will help you create your own furniture and everyday cardboard objects.

Although the material is still fully current, the layout and style of the book are a little out of date.

If you are interested in making cardboard furniture, this classic can not miss in your library.

Portada del libro Nomadic Furniture

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